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Why do you need to know about my dog?

How does the subscription work?

What comes in the box?

What if my dog doesn't like one of the products?

What if my dog has allergies or specific dietary requirements?

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Fleas and Worms

Are the flea and worm treatments safe?

Which flea spot-on treatment is supplied?

How do I use the spot-on treatment?

My dog doesn't have fleas - do I need to treat them?

Which worming treatment is supplied?

My dog doesn't have worms - do I need to treat them?

How do I use Wormclear

I've just used a flea/worming treatment. How long should I wait before re-administering?

My dog still has fleas!

What do I do if my dog has a reaction to the medication?

Shipping and Delivery

How will I know when my PetPak is due?

What if I am not at home or there is a problem with my delivery?

How much is shipping?